Tomasz Porzycki

Tomasz Porzycki Tomasz Porzycki
Tomasz PorzyckiTomasz Porzycki

About Tomasz Porzycki

Tomasz Porzycki graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, where he studied Graphic Design with an emphasis in lithography. While there, Tomasz studied under one of the most recognized and influential Polish painters of the 20th century Professor Tadeusz Brzozowski.

Tomasz has participated in exhibitions all over the world, including the New Gallery in Poznan, the Poland Center of Culture, and the National Theatre in London. He was also invited by The Prince’s Trust of London to present his collection and foster a deeper sense of collaboration between Polish and British Artists. Recently, he was featured in the Architecture in Painting exhibition at the prestigious Hotel Mercury.

Tomasz currently specializes in fine art, drawing and lithography. He is also a Professor of Graphics and Fine Arts at the University of Poznan, where he mentors students and developing artists.