Art Prize 2013

This past fall we were happy to to be part of Art Prize which is one of the biggest art shows in the nation. Every year we encourage artists to take part in it. It is a great exposer and a really great experience. Out of our artists that we represent, two entered and successfully made connections with venues. We had Joanna Tlok and her painting Indian Summer that was showcased in The Jon Hartman Photography Co. & 87 Orange Photography. And also we had Katarzyna Korytowska that especially for that competition painted four-panel painting named Family that was showcased in Courtyward Marriott Downtown Grand Rapids. Both of the venues were extremely helpful and really lovely to work with. Art was there available for everyone to see for over two weeks. For those that didn’t make it to Art Prize this year, I am attaching few shots of what both of the pieces looked displayed at their venues. Hope we can do it again next year! 

Indian Summer in Art Prize 2013


Here is another shot from Hartman Photography Studio and Joanna’s Indian Summer.



And below we have Katarzyna’s Family painting hanging in the lobby of Courtyward Marriott Downtown.



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